ps插件-高低频锐化工具NBP ultrasharp 1.0 for photoshop win &mac



  • 使用易于理解的用户界面,在五个不同的标度上以及所有这些标度的强度级别上调整锐化对比度效果。
  • Ultrasharp用作浮动面板,因此您无需输入其他界面即可使用它,从而简化了工作流程。
  • 使用图像的亮度来控制锐化,或者通过轻按按钮来锐化所有三个RGB通道以获得不同的外观。同样支持Lab颜色模式。
  • 默认情况下,在锐化活动层或创建新的图章层之间进行选择。
  • 放心地锐化,没有不必要的光晕或其他伪影。
  • 精确控制锐化,无论图像的像素尺寸是几百个像素,还是从几百个像素到超过160兆像素。
  • 适用于8、16和32位。

Powerful NBP proprietary sharpening algorithms, independently controllable, to achieve sharpening results like you’ve never seen. Take your sharpening to more extreme levels if you want, and do it with confidence because of NBP's state of the art edge preserving algorithms.You will encounter minimal to no haloing artifacts at any scale, no matter how sharp you want to go.  

  • Adjust the sharpening contrast effect across five different scales, and the intensity level of all of them, with an easy to understand user interface.
  • Ultrasharp works as a floating panel, so you don't have to enter another interface to use it, for simplified and streamlined workflow.
  • Control your sharpening using the luminosity of the image, or by sharpening all three of the RGB channels for a different look, with a flip of a button.  Supports Lab color mode as well in the same manner.
  • Choose between sharpening your active layer or creating a new, stamped layer, by default.
  • Sharpen with confidence, with no unwanted haloing or other artifacts.
  • Exact control of your sharpening, no matter what the pixel dimensions of your image are, from a few hundred pixels wide to well over 160 megapixels.
  • Works on 8, 16 and 32 bit.


Win : C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\CEP\extensions\
Mac : /Library(中文叫资源库)/Application Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions

2.拷贝NBP Ultrasharp 1.8bf到PS安装目录的Plugins里

3.Win运行一下Add Keys.reg,Mac运行一下install-as-admin

4.在软件顶部window窗口菜单-扩展下即可看到NBP Ultrasharp 1




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